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Ancestral Lineage and Family Karma Healing Group MASTER PROGRAM RECORDING!








De-Karmatize and Heal YOURSELF by healing your Genetic Entity and ANCESTRAL FAMILY KARMA!


Ancestral lineage and Family Karma Healing group process with five consecutive weeks of energy work in a group, and self-study. Most of what happens in our lives rest firmly on the foundation of the choices, sacrifices, and experiences of our Ancestors. 

This program is split up into a 5 week course- but can be completed as you choose based on your time allocation.  We created this course. for you to heal those root causes, that button of the Family “jacket”, that was buttoned wrong, influencing the rest of the generations. 

This Sacred work is for you  to find this “one button”, (that was buttoned wrong), and

Heal it.


Our Loving blood Ancestors and family lineage Keepers can’t wait to connect with us to guide, support, and empower us on our path. As They are in Spirit, and we are the Spirit AND THE BODY,- we are the ones in charge now! We are the ones responsible for our present and FUTURE, our, and our offspring’s Destiny, and future generations!

Video Course Module 1 Replay:


Video Course Module 2 Replay:


Video Course Module 3 Replay:


Video Course Module 4 Replay:

Video Course Module 5 Replay:



If you'd like to purchase other workshop recordings from Crystal, click the link PAY PAL LINK 
and pay $36.

Then email Crystal at and let her know which one you'd like. 

Your birth imprints are the stamps placed upon you from the life stories of your Ancestors, and the stories you made up about life from Past lives, and even before you were even born.


You know you want to be the fullness of who you are, to be a better person, a better parent, to stop the old cycles of destructive patterns that hurt you and the ones you love and not pass them onto your own children.


You want to live out your dream, your life your way – not someone else’s.


Trademark & Copyright Notice

All manuals and materials from Seminars & workshops as well as Webinars Recordings 
and may NOT be shared without written permission.

It is our responsibility to inform you that any misuse and abuse of  Soul Creative Academy materials , may have negative consequences. Copyright laws as well as divine laws, are in effect. We ask that you respect that. 

The manuals/ materials are spiritual materials. It takes tremendous preparation and spiritual evolution to use the materials for teaching. If you are not an authorized instructor or coordinator you may have a negative impact using the materials for teaching when you have not been authorized to do so. It is our responsibility to share this with you...............the choice is yours!

Webinar recordings are owned by Soul Creative Academy.  When you sign up for a webinar you are authorized to use the webinar and materials.  You are not legally authorized to share, lend, sell, or give these to another person.    

Unless you have written permission from Crystal. 
In the form of a Copyright Release you may not use these materials, resell them, give them away, or teach this material in  own programs. 

Thank you for respecting our copyright.
Blessings and Gratitude.

Raquel Z

Crystal is FANTASTIC! Her courses are amazing and you always feel major transformation after any of her courses. I highly recommend any classes she is offering and cant wait to take more in the future!

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