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Crystal has the natural ability and significant inspiration to share information in a group setting and during workshops there is a special energy created that helps with all aspects of physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies in one's life. Everyone benefits on some level from attending a workshop due to the multifaceted knowledge and shiny presence that Crystal provides.  


All workshops and events are created based on popularity, requests, and interest on various subjects. Kundalini workshops and classes are held weekly. If you are looking for Crystal to host a workshop at an academy, school, or event, please call (917) 392-5070.


Crystal ALSO hosts full moon events, Reiki Circles, and various other workshops throughout the year. Stay tuned on Facebook to see these events and become a part of them. Group events create a space for special healing to occur and many people heal on several levels from group events and workshops.

During a group event, the energy of the room is heightened as each-others spirits begin to familiarize themselves with one another. Each one these workshops will bring revelations and ah-ha moments empowering you and allowing you to gain wisdom from other individuals on a similar spiritual path, build life long relationships, and connect with one another on a deeper level. 

Group Events

With Crystal

"Alone I will stand strong, but collectively we are unstoppable"


Reiki Creative Academy

Crystal is a Reiki Master, Metaphysical teacher, and natural Energy Healer. She teaches and attunes people from all of around the world to be able to practice this beautiful healing modality worldwide.  

Our Creative Reiki Academy enrollments students throughout the year to attune all Reiki levels. Students can be from all levels, locations, nationalities, religions, and walks of life. ALL are welcome.  NO previous experience necessary. 

To enroll for the next Reiki Academy Email Crystal  and she will determine your level and time of enrollment. Classes fill up quickly!We are all born natural healers. Once you join our academy, you will INSTANTLY awaken these natural abilities within you! 


Workshops and Events



Book Crystal for MOON CEREMONIES, as an experienced Lemurian Priestess and Shaman she's conducting these Ceremonies for over 18 years, facilitating LOVE and RESPECT to all elements of nature, and all the directions, 
through the Time and Space.  As we heal, we heal the Earth; as the earth heals, 
she heals us; as we receive, we give. At the Sacred Gathering we honor our connection to the MOTHER  and ALL LIFE!  Moving, dancing, healing,clearing, meditating, activating the crystalline structure in your brain and your heart chakra, activating your powers, and connecting with the primordial Great Essence of Who You Are. 

🌔Creating an Altar  (bring your crystals, objects, jewelry , anything you would like to have blessed & use later for healing, a bottle of water to bless) 
🌔Opening Ceremony 
🌔Grounding bowl purification 
🌔Bioenergetic GROUP HEALING, 
❤️Heart Expansion Ceremony 
🌔Aura frequency measuring 
🌔Dance and align
🌔Sharing and receiving
To improve /enhance/ awaken relationships

The Moon energy is helping us on this Timelines Splitting in between the old and the new, as the new crystalline plasma energy is streaming on earth,
Bringing forth an evolution of human consciousness, activating the crystalline structure and our brain and projecting the focus to all of us into the area where we are ready to Grow , unlocking our Soul's Destiny, conditioning us to become more of our True Selves and be able to fulfill our mission.


Kundalini Yoga:


Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness and is the most powerful yoga experience. 


Crystal conducts a dynamic practice that unifies the physical and the spiritual bodies to awaken your full potential. It gives you the experience and knowledge that will open you up to your inner wisdom and reconnect you with the DIVINE!!

We are inviting you to discover what Kundalini Yoga is, you will safely activate the evolutionary energy at the base of your spine to access unlimited bliss consciousness.

Open your heart and third eye, align your inner energy with the energy of the universe, and become more intuitive, fearless, peaceful, and protected.

You could do each class multiple times, 

and every time you will have New Revelations because these classes include Therapeutical Hypnosis, energy clearing &  healing, deep inner work, breath-work, and unique ancient monks techniques that I share with my students.

At the end, I often channel messages to the group, or to each participant.. depends on the time remaining. 


 Here is the list for you to choose and if you'd like a more detailed description of the class you are interested in... 

You can visit my Kundalini goddesses group on FACEBOOK where I have a full description of each class. 


1)3d Vs 5d relationships, heart clearing, vertical& horizontal communications & more... 

2)new moon karma clearing &  abundance manifestation ceremony

3)what are negative  emotions and how to conquer 'em

4)reawaken Feminine Powers and ancestral 

4)Spirit's Gate in our body &  learn Astral traveling 

5)Power of our Mind

6) masculine and feminine balancing class and polarity

7)learn the power of Infinity breath- 2 classes

8) energy hygiene, self-nurture, and self-love energy purification, Aura clearing

9) realizing obstacles and blockages removing to align our  human purpose with our highest Soul Purpose

10)manifesting $ 

11)new strands DNA upgrading and Awakening light body

12) conscious rebirth.. changing the molecules of our carbon body to new silica liquid codes..

3) working on our Shadow Self (that part that holds us back from thriving, stepping into 5D frequencies and further Awakening

14)Full moon ceremony


The duration of each class is approx. one hour and 45 minutes.

Energy exchange to attend live is your decision from $17 to $26   

The replay's cost fixed $35.

Journey into the past

In a past life workshop you will learn about your past live(s), Understand about your own Personality, your Soul mates, partners ,family and friends, Heal your old emotional scars & pains Release phobias, fears & anxiety, Understand about your health issues

Develop a new awareness of your innate talents & abilities Receive Divine Guidance and transform your life!


Past Life Interactive Group Workshop:

Discover how to navigate suffering, release layers of your false self, and open to the divine light that’s always there — even in the midst of your despair. 

Realize the reasons of your current difficulties learn self Hypnosis learn open your third eye which with your spirit guides and learn to use your help get healing receive healing on every layer of your multi dimensional existence. Learn , mantras, and powerful visualizations to help you through difficult times — practices you’ll use throughout your lifetime.

In a group past life regression exercises, healing visualizations and right brain training, this exciting experiential workshop takes you on an incredible psychospiritual journey as you explore the limitless boundaries of the mind and soul. 

During this event, you will have an opportunity to:

  • Discover extraordinary details about your past

  • Release old phobias and fears rooted in Past

  • Receive and learn to use a powerful mantra for third eye activation

  • Learn self Hypnosis, revolutionary healing visualizations and meditations

  • Meet with your spirit guides and learn to stay connected to receive help

  • Understand about your soul mates and soul companions

  • Discover new tools for developing your intuition and psychic abilities

Join Crystal a Randhir Priya as she opens unexpected doors into the astonishing realm of past-life regression, while she guides participants through the process, step by step!

Awakening Your Psychic Abilities Workshop:


Learn to Connect Directly with the Divine Creative Principle You Carry within.... Get an advanced training in knowing more about yourself and others!

Some people think that the art of healing is only for special people - a talent or gift that they weren't lucky enough to inherit in this life.

We will show you that healing is your BIRTH RIGHT. There is a psychic & tremendous healer in YOU and in every one of us. THE WORLD IS WAKING UP! We were all born to use our psychic gifts! FIND OUT which one is yours and claim it now!! Learn how to feel empowered and experience clarity on your journey.


During a Psychic Abilities workshop you will learn:

  • *4 different types of healing abilities and which one you are gifted with, or which one is easier for you to develop

  • *Several Dowsing Techniques ( pendulum & your own body)

  • *How to see and feel an Energy Field and Aura around people & objects

  • *What is Kinesiology , and how to use it

  • * How to develop your Peripheral and  inner vision

  • *The unique way to find information out about the person that you know nothing about...

  • * How to read information from objects

  • *Gyoshi-ho- reading past lives technique

  • *Work to open your 'third eye' to connect with you or Inner Master and awaking your psychic abilities

  • *Other exercises & techniques

  • Discover your intuitive, psychic and healing gifts!!

  • Learn How to Raise Your frequency!

  • Become Empowered!


Do you know it is absolutely POSSIBLE for you to SEE your own Aura and Aura of others? At this unique Workshop you have a chance to find out for yourself!
What Are Auras and Why Do They Reflect Colors?
The word aura derives from the Greek word meaning “breeze” or “air.” It’s a pure life force.

We all possess an aura, and it’s a rainbow-colored auric field, typically invisible to the physical eye, which can be perceived psychically with a bit of practice. The aura can be seen radiating from a person’s whole body in the form of an ellipse, made up of several different-colored bands.The meaning of each aura color is believed to tell a lot about our mood, health status, and personality. The aura may determine our connections with others, and our aura-elicited actions are often surprisingly accurate.It is believed that one’s aura color is the reflection of the personality, mind, and soul. When it’s at its most radiant and strong, the aura can reach the diameter of an extended arm. This bioenergetic field fluctuates in size and solidity under different conditions.
This unique Workshop will teach you how to understand more about the energy that you are, and learn about electromagnetic frequency that surrounds your physical body.


Learn about self hypnosis and receive Divine Guidance, open your third eye with Sacred Egyptian mantra, awaken your psychic abilities, find The divine wisdom within and Heal!


Self hypnosis is the EASIEST and most effective way to make changes in your mind and body through the use of powerful suggestions, connecting to high realms, and becoming aware of why a problem exists in the first place. During Self Hypnosis the unconscious becomes receptive to new thoughts and behaviors. This gives your physical mind an opportunity to relax and allow yourself to be in touch and make changes with the subconscious mind. Over 95% of our habits and behaviors are subconscious and automatic. In order to correct anything or make changes in our physical works, we need to recognize the problem, understand the nature, or root of it, and allow ourselves to access the subconscious mind to make those changes.

Learn Self Hypnosis Group Workshop:

Issues fixed during Self Hypnosis 

Stress and anxiety relief


Trauma and Abuse




Toxic habits 


Anger management

Fobias and fears

Kids hypnosis

Weight loss

Self-esteem boost

Stop smoking

Sleeping disorders


Chakra Activation and Clearing Workshop:


Discover how to open, align, and heal your chakras to activate your energy system, nurture your spiritual awakening, and enjoy a vibrant, thriving, and full-spectrum life. By aligning and activating key areas in your chakras, you can give your body, mind, and spirit a revitalizing overhaul.

This workshop begins with a journey through each of the chakras, allowing attendees to discover their purpose, imbalances, and strengths, as well as learn how to fine tune their energies for health and awakening. You will work on imbalances, blockages, or behavioral patterns that may be sabotaging your energy, confidence, or connection to the present moment.

Combining an ancient techniques and modern healing modalities Crystal offers a new road to internal and external balance. As portals between the physical and spiritual planes, the chakras offer unparalleled opportunities for growth, healing, and transformation. 

Learn specific color, sound, meaning, and affirmation to each chakra.

-    If we can heal the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues hidden in or caused by our unconscious, our conscious reality will respond accordingly.

-    The health of our Charkas influence our feelings, awareness, dreams, premonitions and beliefs. They are also they key to our repressed memories, unacknowledged knowledge, long-held secrets and unrealized desires.

Crystal takes you on a powerful journey through progressively transcendent levels of consciousness. This ancient metaphysical system through the sounds, mantras, movement, breath, and vibrational tools will bring you to explore and balance your own chakras using imagery, meditations and some kundalini yoga movements―along with gaining spiritual wisdom, you'll experience better health, more energy, enhanced creativity, and the ability to manifest your dreams.

Why Balance your Charkas? 

It is important to note that the chakras, despite their individual qualities and characteristics, work together as an entire integrated system. And if even one is ‘off’, it can effect the integrity of the whole. 

Benefits of Chakra Balancing may include:



Mental Awareness

Reduced Anxiety

Deeper connection to Spirit and innate Inner Wisdom

Improves quality of choice and decision making

Energizes the body and restores vitality

Fosters a Feeling a well-being and peace of mind

Stress Relief

Improves Mindfulness

Decreases blood pressure and other tension related disorders

Help with sexual issues

Overall balance (which may improve anything from career to inter-personal relationships)


In this workshop you will experience Quantum Energy Transformation by working on your 8th chakra facing those Soul Particles that we all brought from past into this life now that are holding us back or blocking from being who we really ARE. 


We discuss the definition of our Soul memories, traumas, its signs and symptoms, what causes you to lose or send away aspects of your soul, how aspects of your soul can be taken or given away to another person, the impact of bringing back soul parts, and how taking an aspect of your soul back from someone affects them...


You will have a unique chance to shift this Past debts, scars pains, vows, negative patterns and EVERYTHING ELSE ,that holds a negative charge on you in this present life....
We will work on your mental and karmic debts to other people and your baggage that is stopping you from soaring higher...

We will experience an unusual Soul Freedom! How unbelievable is that?!
We will use imagery, movement, breathing exercises, teammate work, meditation, and sound. 

Soul Retrieval Workshop:


The universe is so wise that it speaks to us by the numbers in ancient Egypt shins created a special number a logical explanation to our existence...

Have you ever wondered what your birthdate signifies? 

Have you discovered your hidden talents?

Are you searching for your life’s purpose? 


Learn the Language of the Universe to Unlock the Hidden Messages All Around US! The Language of the Stars and the Universe is Numerology. Numerology is the ancient method of communication. Each number has its own energetic meaning and its own vibratory influence.


Learn how Egyptian numerology and numbers in your name and date of birth contain information about your character, motivation, purpose, relationships and talent. Once we begin to understand the language of numbers, we can gather a deeper understanding of the messages that we are receiving from the universe.and better understand people that are next to us.

WHO ARE YOU? Ancient Egyptian Numerology Workshop:

Manifest Your Soulmate Group Workshop

This workshop is NOT ONLY for you if you are still looking for some one special, but also for those of you who are are looking to adjust and correct a current relationship, OR even find peace in the process of ending a relationship. Learn to invite the right person into your life.

How Can I Get Him/Her To Grow Up and Commit To Our Relationship? 

  • Learn why he/she is afraid to commit to your relationship

Why Can’t I Find True Love?

  • Learn which of your parent’s voices is still controlling your romantic life

  • Learn how to stop settling for second best

  • Let Crystal tell you how you may be sabotaging your own happiness 

Where Is My Soul Mate?

How to determine what kind of perfume do you need..

  • How will I recognize my soul mate when I meet him?

  • Join us and learn about your past life connection to your soul mate 

Learn Why Most Relationships Fail Within The First Three Months

  • Listen for his “hidden messages” and you’ll always know his true intentions

  • How will I know if he is right for me?

  • Learn how to stop attracting dead beats and losers 

Why Do People Fall In Love?

  • Learn to speak the language of love and you will meet your soul mate

  • Learn the true meaning of “love at first sight”

  • How to prevent yourself from falling in love with love 

  • Learn the four questions you should always ask him before accepting a date

How To Make A Good Relationship Better

  • Let your ‘true self” help make a good relationship better

  • Use the “chemistry of love” to put the passion back in your relationship

How Do I let someone go?

  • Let yourself get over a relationship

  • Learn to move on and release yourself completely from past ties


Healing Inner Wounds & Cutting Cords Group Workshop:


WHEN IT'S TIME TO LET IT GO, this is the workshop for you...

This workshop is designed to help you release physical, emotional, mental, astral, etheric and causal blocks and attachments
to deceased loved ones, past lovers, discarnate entities, places, events, energies, thought forms, and anyone or anything else
that has hooked into your energy field psychically and energetically.


Keeping those Energetic Cords in between us and those people or situations, we keep wasting out a great deal of our Life Force energy to something that no longer exists nor actual in our life. When this takes place we feel tired and uninspired.

You will feel lighter and more free when you have completed this process, more energy and Inspiration for new beginnings in your life. Sometimes we have several Cords, connecting us to different people, situations or entities.

Here are the relationships that we recommend you bring to a cord-cutting session:

• Those who have hurt you with violence or abuse of some form
• Those who caused a major accident or trauma for you
• Parents
• Siblings
• Biological parents (if you happen to be adopted)
• Children
• Sexual partners involved in conceiving a child
• The person with whom you lost your virginity
• Ex-lovers you lived with or ex-spouses
• Childhood friends
• Spiritual teachers, healers or therapists who influenced you negatively
• Bullies from childhood
• Difficult employers, employees, co-workers 

• Jobs, projects, memories, phases of life

Stem Cell Healing Workshop:

Stem Cell Healing Workshop is the NEWEST way to heal using dancing, chanting, moving, and breathing you expand your energy field and enhance the work of your chakras to be open to the most unique and unusual healing with the sound of the Plants that was recorded with highly sensitive equipment as those plants were grown from the ground!


This practice is a shortcut to your primordial self, To your Origin, your own unique power, To your true, authentic being and your healing & purification... By opening to healthy vibrations of the Plants and freeing its movement in your body, you will experience:

Aura clearing & chakras balancing, Releasing stressful situations in relationships, Removing other people's negative influences, thoughts, feelings and believes, that we may have picked up, or may been projected onto you, Energy meridians & Stem cells vitalized, Positive healthy energy transmitted Unexpected healing On variable layers Connection with the Source Feelings of bliss and happiness A strengthening of your intuition 
A shifting of blocks in your Prana Flow Personal power and enlightenment
An expansion of personal skills and professional effectiveness.


Activate your Third Eye & Psychometry Workshop:


Learn about self hypnosis and receive Divine Guidance, open your third eye with Sacred Egyptian mantra, chanting, moving, and simply applying attention, you can awaken your psychic abilities to find the Divine wisdom within and Heal!


Trained by the World Renowned  Dr. Brian Weiss, Crystal Randhir Priya will share with you profound techniques,
allowing you to relax, release stress, gain self control, self-confidence, Self Love, self respect do you with stressful situations, defeat fear, deal easily with any mental and psychological problems, gain confidence among people and learn how to deal with complicated relationships

Activate your Primordial Soul Sound

Healing Group Workshop:

Detox & Realign your Body, Mind & Spirit in one of the Most Powerful 

HEALING Sound Meditation Experiences. We offer a very unique and rare opportunity for you to actually hear & Receive your Divine Soul sound! We use drums, chanting, and special vocal cord activation.


Every Soul on this Earth was created with the Sound, with the vibration.

Each and one of us is unique because of that sound. This Sound determines who we are, what mission, origination and challenges we took upon this existence.


An ancient formula is : frequency + intention = healing!

You also are being healed and purified just by your intention to focus on your own Divine sound! Using the power of your Sacred Primordial Soul Sound with the most unusual ways and an ancient techniques, we tune in to your Personal Sound.


Connecting with your Inner Space, Your True Self, happiness, peace, and 

joy, you will balance your Energy Centers blockages, releasing stress and 

finding and connecting with the sacred SOUND of your Soul at the moment of creation, Working from your navel- (main Energy reservoir in your body),

using the Power of your own breath, movement ,voice, your imagination, and vibrational energy tools


 Energy Clearing and blessing for

your home and business:


Do you ever feel tired, strange, spooky, or constantly cold in some places? It is very important to recognize what energy is surrounding you influencing your life, and behaviors. Perhaps its even affecting your energy and your loved ones, and your environment. You will find out the reasons that weakening your aura, you will learn how to use your own resources, recognize, to clear, and free yourself from unwanted vibrations around you.

Sometimes energy in a home or office can become stagnant and dull. When this is the case, you may feel tired and listless or become agitated and angry. But you can regain control of the energy in any environment, including your home and your body using the specific and ancient techniques. In this workshop you will learn how to first recognize the energy in the room, techniques to transform and clear the room or home without any previous skills and abilities, and become more aware of the energy all around you. 

Benefits of this workshop include:

  • Activate your intuition 

  • Restore balance and harmony in your home and in your body

  • Remove financial, emotional and physical blocks for increased wealth, health and well-being

  • Unlock your creative potential

  • Increase energy

  • Attract more love into your life

And so much more!

Crystal offers a variety of group MEDITATIONS. There are several types of mediations with tools such as drums, chimes, breathing exercising, chanting, signing, dancing, drawing, dynamic meditations and much more. 

Crystal offers meditations based on the scenario or request of the event host. During this group connection everyone benefits, learns special mediation techniques and leaves the class feeling renewed and inspired while learning  how to use power of intention to create miracles in your everyday life.


Meditations With Crystal:

Learn to choose and use your Crystal Workshop

PHOTO-2019-05-26-23-59-40 4.jpg

Crystal offers the unique introductory workshop where you will have a chance to choose, purchase, learn, or have the opportunity to work with various crystals and gemstones that you are drawn to (and find out why you are drawn to certain stones). You could get yourself a new friend and you can also learn to connect with it and benefit from its energy.

Crystals have a higher frequency and help to rebalance and heal the energies of your body. They can retune your whole state body back to state of harmony if used correctly. Crystals are ALIVE creatures! Each crystal has a different energy, vibration, and even name and have been used from the beginning of time for power and healing. If used correctly they can be great tools for getting spiritual help, connecting with guides, and receiving answers. Lean how to feel the energies of Crystals, activate their powers, reprogram, charge, clear and connect with them and create a spiritual and vibrational level and learn how to use them to help guide you through life.


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