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Birthday Matrix Change

REALITY IS NEGOTIABLE. Crystal will mediate and negotiate the destiny which you prefer!

The purpose of this session is for Crystal to understand the clients yearly goals, motives, and current energy. She then creates necessary matrix and portals for you to align yourself with your aspirations and goals. 

A Birthday door opening is a unique and delicate procedure that will be ongoing for up to 52 days.There are only a handful of people on earth that know how and have the capability of giving this session. 

During the average year, you may have noticed certain energy patterns that you experience. For example, perhaps EVERY single March of the year, you feel tense and a little more dramatic. Or every Summer you are always wanting to travel.. This isn't coincidence..

Every 52 days of each year you have different energy influencing you. This also means that there are 52 different doors (or cycles) that you need to open that are prepared for you, with it's challenges, circumstances, gifts and experiences. Some of these preset agendas that you are planned to be experiencing may not be things that you'd like to experience... Or maybe there are certain things you want to happen in THIS year... However, if its not in your year path, it may not happen the way you'd like it.


According to the law Of The Free Will , you have the right to claim some "Program changes" .

Crystal was given the divine and ancient knowledge to decode the year of whats to come for her client AND the opportunity to renegotiate the year plans. During a birthday door opening you will receive a full spectrum of whats expected for the year to come, and you will have the option to change some of these possibilities to be more in alignment with what you really want. 

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Initial Session : Changing and Choosing

The first session can be remote and lasts between 40 - 60 minutes. During the first session you will claim what you want for the the following year.  You will have the option to choose the matrix which you'd like to happen in the year. You will be expected to fill out a detailed list of what you'd like to happen for the following year, and the way that you'd prefer to see your life going. Also if you are having difficulties in your life and would like to make changes to your current situations, this is the time to request permission, knowing that we may receive some of those changes to be granted, and some of them may be left the way they are for a spiritual reason.

After the session is complete, there will be a waiting and negotiation period approximately 52 days. During this waiting period Crystal will continually monitor the yearly Matrix and compare the matrix with what the client wished to be changed. Crystal will often times also receive conditions of what can change based on a condition of that person. For example: perhaps you have to finish your education before you can receive the relationship which you desire. Crystal also channels the periods where the energies will be stronger and what is to be experienced in that period of time. Whatever the guides allow, Crystal will change in the matrix. Sometimes guides will even give you gifts and presents. 

After this time period is complete, Crystal will voice record each 52 days of the following year. This will include a detailed description of what is to come, the energies you will experience, and what to expect for each 52 days. 

Why have a Birthday Session?

A Birthday doors matrix changing is the ideal opportunity to set new goals and strive for greater fulfillment in the year that lies ahead. Set yourself up for success and create the type of desired energy to begin your year for the most enhancement, happiness, and fortune!

The session may predict the type of energy and circumstances that COULD happen during the year depending on the path you choose, but ultimately it is up to you to choose your path to determine your own future.  The best way to predict the future is to create it. By having this session, you will have a deeper insight on the strategies you should use for the coming year. You may hear about the challenges you will be facing this year and you will have the option to change the matrix energies to be in alignment with what you'd prefer.

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