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Life is full of surprises! Some may be good and some perhaps not so good.. Either way, Crystal offers emergency services for those unexpected situations where you need immediate backup support and advice.

Often times emergency situations can be positive-- like the birth of a child, a change in life path, a new job offering, or even a new found ability!

In other cases an emergency session can be a sudden death, or a loved one taking their final breathes. 

No matter the circumstances, Crystal can prepare necessary matrixes and energy pathways for your emergency to run as smooth as possible. Often times you will also receive information about why this situation is happening in the first place, as well as the lesson its teaching you, and the best way to handle it. 

Having backup support in an emergency is worth its weight in gold, and having a dedicative intuitive like Crystal makes helps diffuse your stressful situations. 


Emergency Sessions can be any session that is time sensitive and Crystal has no availability for the time you prefer. When booking an emergency session, you are required to pick a date and time that Crystal has available. You will then be put on an emergency list and Crystal will do her best to accommodate you based on your situation. It is NOT guaranteed that your session will be taken before its scheduled time, however you will be given priority if the spirit guides allow.

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