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❤️🎁My FIRST GIFT to all of YOU!! 

We are very happy to announce a MOTHER'S DAY GIFT is 70% OFF DISCOUNT for Crystals NEXT (September 6th) Academy Enrollment! Hurry, the MOTHER'S DAY 70%OFF DISCOUNT is ONLY VALID UNTIL MAY 27th!!!!!! BOOK TODAY!


Hosted by World renowned Integrative intuitive life coach, Souls Desiny Decode, Transmedium Channeler, Shamanic, Metaphysical Kundalini and Reiki Teacher 


Is this Synchromystic program right for me

At Picean Age we were all waiting for someone Powerful to come, purify us, heal us, and turn on for us the flow of Abundance.
In the Aquarian age, We are learning to do this all for ourselves! This course was created specifically to show you and teach you on HOW you could do EVERYTHING, YOURSELF!!!! Not only for YOURSELF but for the Others around !!!!

For those of you who are aware and already using your spiritual gifts and abilities, this course will help you to UNTANGLE and find yourself in this new world using these profound tools the way they were meant to be used. 

For those of you who are not sure of your abilities and how to use them, this course will help you to REALIZE AND REMEMBER everything about who you are and untangle your false ideas and beliefs about who you are. 

These days, everyone is lost... In the process of Transformation, there is some new life that we are stepping into and this course will help you to remember your abilities and secure the new tools available to you to navigate the world of changes and untangle you from your past beliefs and ideas that are holding you back. We will help you to let go of the past and create an amazing, magical, and musical new future as a REAL mystic during this SYNCHROMYSTIC program! 


About the course: 

An Advance Healing Kundalini Synchromystic Certification program 
- Master the power within to discover and enhance your inner guru and untangle karma from past experiences and past traumas 

Personal Messages and insights 
- Each Week you will receive PERSONAL CHANNELED messages with Spiritual Guidance on your next steps and path


1 on 1 Private Session
- You will receive 1 private FREE ENERGY CHECK, AURA READING, AND HEALING SESSION which must be taken during the 6th month growth period 

- When there are 2 or more people in one place with the same goal in mind, energy levels can increase and power can multiply! Benefit from the presence of group healing during our weekly meetings! 

3 month master course with weekly meetings
- There will be 90-minute weekly classes from 7:30 - 9:00 PM EST EVERY WEDNESDAY (if you miss the class you will be sent the recording) 

Mariah B.

Crystal's Creative Academy Courses are phenomenal! I have learned so much about myself and my spiritual abilities! I feel at the end of the course I was given the power to take back my life and health!

Sarah K.

Through the Soul Creative Academy, I was able to find the root cause to my anxiety and eating disorder and heal it all together! So Thankful for these courses!

Kyle R.

I was skeptical at first, but after working in the group settings, I discovered things that were holding me back and insecurites I was not even aware of! The personal development and growth in these courses is AMAZING and powerful.

The power is in YOUR hands! Join Crystal and the NEW profound sychromystic Master Course to FINALLY start using and applying your powers!

Are you looking to untangle your mind body and soul while also gaining powerful spiritual healing abilities and gifts? If so - this is the course for you! 

This new "Subconscious YOU" Mastercourse is very unique and fun!



🎁Breakout rooms

🎁Ancient sacred  Energy practices

🎁New Healing Master Attunement

🎁NEW secret Signature Mystic Tool activation

🎁Aura Colors and personalities Work

🎁New 5D Chakras Activation & Development


🎁NEW crystalline light body activation

The Subconscious You Master Course is ONLY for those who want to excel and advance their spiritual gifts and abilities while also removing past traumas and healing past events. 

There will be Weekly group gatherings to Develop / remember all kinds  of your psychic abilities,

Esoteric knowledge,  learn secret ancient Monks techniques, Connect and learn to work together with like-minded people from all over the world, awaken your Kundalini energy, fortify your immunity to all kinds of negativity, illnesses, bad luck, rise your vibrations, heal and empower yourself & others.

Classes will take place EVERY WEEK on Wednesday from 7:30 - 9:00 PM EST BEGINNING SEP 6! 


What makes this program SO UNIQUE :

This is a combination of physical and mental work, Ancient and modern knowledge, profound psychic teachings , Energy work dynamic practice that unifies the physical and the spiritual bodies to awaken your full potential.

It gives you the experience and knowledge that will open you up to your inner wisdom and reconnect you with your Higher Self and the DIVINE!!


Experience a self-empowerment practice that unites the intelligence of all the directions, restorative energies of the earth,elements,and... unique power of your Spirit, Will and... INTENTION! We will be drumming and humming, 

dancing and jumping, standing still and shaking, singing and chanting, meditating, hypnotizing,and using powers that are always Within! 

you WILL receive :


Joining the SCA  for 6 Months EXCLUSIVE esoteric studies on our weekly Gatherings you will have a chance to focus on, and realize what kind of REALITY you are creating, BECAUSE YOU ARE a powerful CREATOR of YOUR OWN REALITY! 


WHAT( OR WHOM) you are giving your Energy to? 

It’s time to take your energy and Powers back! 

includes 1 on 1 PRIVATE SESSION and one group healing session ALL FOR THE PRICE OF ONE
Regular price : $1,600



The prices are CHANGING FAST !

$699 from May 27th to August 15th,

After August 15th will be $999.
If you bring a NEW person to join our Academy you will BOTH receive a special extra 20% discount.

A word from Crystal: 

Get the tools, the power, and the courage to move on from where you are and advance into your future!

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**PAYMENT OPTIONS: If you'd like to book with Crytal directly please call or email her at There will also be other payment forms she will take such as Venmo, Cash, Zelle, Cashapp, and Paypal **


No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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