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So grateful for my Community !

For awhile I've been integrating this Totally new codes within my System, 

and working on an alignment of my new QUANTUM Crystalline Body

 into this human form. 


Now I am so excited to share all of this knowledge and help you to Attune to this NEW QUANTUM LEVEL of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS , 

so empowered- we can build together a different, 

new, Happier, HEALTHIER, jOyful Planet! 


So, the treat for all of you, 

my dear friends, 

Is 60% off

For my Services,Mastercourses. 

So please don't hesitate to sign up


 this DISCOUNT Price



  60%OFF  $699

Payment options:


Many of you are still feeling stuck, exhausted, devastated,an frustrated... 

Some of you are searching for the True Selves, new Path, or...New partners... .. 

The world is changing, and we must adjust into this new reality

. But how do we do that?


I'm sure you are becoming more and more aware of something, that is different within /about you now.


 Ready to shift from 3D to 5D, 

but have no idea how to do that?


Are you aware of Universal laws in Quantum world?

Are you aware and are using properly 

 all your innate gifts, 

talents and abilities?

Are you ready for a life-changing adventure? 

I've channeled & prepared this Unique" QUANTUM YOU" MASTERCOURSE. 

Gathering on Wednesdays- weekly - At 7:30 pm EST

We will be learning the LAWS OF THE of UNIVERSE , and how to navigate through ,as a NEW QUANTUM HUMAN 

with a help of a profound 

 transformational techniques,personal & Group Healing,fun exsersises, Channeling individual messages, and... Of course, 

1 on 1 FREE PRIVATE SESSION with me! .


Step into the sacred space of

Circle work and expand your

Capacity to give, receive, and



Burn it all down, let go of what's not going to work  any more, and prepare



Our Soul Creative Academy


 ready to 

Witness your liberation & Happiness, 


Rise Up from the ashes of fear, 

To honor the wise Guru within.


Fully connect with and attune to your New healing master,

meet life’s beauty, 


and abundance. 


This is one of my Best Course Offer so far, 

With most unique channelings,

a sacred knowledge sharing,New Chakras Activation, 5D Attunement,

healing Master & healing Surgeon connection, Breakout rooms bio-energy practice, 

Group Healing & private 1 on 1 Alignment session with me . 

60% off now for the next few days on this Unique  Mastercourse,

 the Road Map to a" New Quantum You" on the New Earth. 


What you will RECEIVE :


 A Hours of Highest TRUTH & Wisdom,shared & 

channeled from my MONADE,


 Spiritual Teachers,

Spirit Guides, and Divine Masters. 

 working on each other with your HEALING MASTERs

A valuable secret resources & powerful exercises 

you can revisit throughout this spiritual development journey. 

Stellar Gateway Chakra activation

 Your Soul Star Chakra Attunement

 Your Monade Self Connection 

5D Crystalline Body adjustment & Attunement 

 Quantum TIME management / fluctuating /shifting

 experience creation of

 infinite potential through you, 

Learn lucidity and working with your Etheric Body

 Experience biological processes aligning to higher frequencies

Befriend your "Spirit Being" 

 connect with your I AM PRESENCE 

Unlock more of your Spiritual Gifts

Release blockages & co-create successful life  in harmony in your every action 


But that’s not all you will receive!


A Road Map on how to transition effortlessly from 3D Consciousness into 5D Consciousness,

from victimhood to Winnerwille, from Drama to Dharma. 


It's time to  to Rebuild yourself, step into your powers, unlock your radiance, and embrace your destiny!


Learn about yourself as a Creator of YOURSELF 

and your own "New" reality in a New World. 


Secure your spot  NOW

and dive into the incredible journey of self-realization and empowerment, 

Onto the Path your Soul has prepared for you for this transformative Year of 2024. 


Use this generous gift of my appreciation for your very presence in my life! 




 is only valid for a short time ! 


Payment options:


Bring a friend to join our Academy and both receive an additional 15%discount. 


Step into the Quantum Vortex ,and collapse the veils of 3D density, accessing quantum possibilities

for living  joyfully in the new Era. 





Men or women who are interested in personal Development & Spiritual Growth 


Anyone who feels that they are here for something better and bigger yet 


Anyone who is already in the process of transformation 


Anyone who wants to achieve an impossible goal


Anyone who is feeling lost or stuck, 

And can't continue living life the way it was.. 

Anyone who wants to awaken new, 

or increase existed, 

psychic abilities within. 


Anyone who feels lonely, and would use the loving support & validation. 


Anyone who likes an adventure and exploration


Yourself (Am I the only one who always gets myself a gift?)

Hosted by World renowned Integrative intuitive life coach, Souls Desiny Decode, Transmedium Channeler, Shamanic, Metaphysical Kundalini and Reiki Teacher 


Is this Quantum YOU program right for me? 

Are You Feeling The Calling to Awaken? To remove all obstacles to Higher Dimensions?

Something extraordinary is happening...

Can you feel it?

3 month-long immersion provides unique Masterclasses which explore the application and expansion of Quantum Shift, the Crystalline Consciousness, and co-creation in pure states of unity and presence.


If you're reading this, it's no accident.


You're part of a growing wave of souls yearning for a deeper understanding, heartfelt connection, a Divine Truth, the Sat Nam,and a radiant future.


Are You Feeling The Calling to start or BE something Different?


Can you feel the high-frequency energy waves, cascading from high above, influencing  our electromagnetic field?

A call to ascension, to awaken to higher dimensions of existence.


Joining our Soul Creative Academy, 

The light workers community,

 You'll become part 

of a growing wave of souls, 

yearning for a deeper connection, a higher truth, a radiant future.

You will also receive support invalidation of like-minded people, in a cozy community, you will get the tools to navigate this new reality and not only find yourself but getting the tools to be able to help others as well!


We've created this 

Quantum YOU transformative TRAINING , 

that is not just about self-improvement, practicing your spirituality, or personal growth...


It's about learning the Laws of the Universe, experiencing Quantum world, enhancing the work of your absolutely new chakras, learning energy tools and practicing and Breakout rooms, embracing your role in the universal Process,

aligning with higher dimensions, and transforming not just your life, but the very fabric of your being! 

Wait, it gets only better , you will have a private one-on-one aLIGNMRNTsession at the end!


Imagine being guided through the Dimension where is no time, and what we call "time” 

is experienced simultaneously, where you can access the wisdom of infinite realities, multiple dimensions and lifetimes, fully operated by your higher 5D Self. 

 Crystal will be your Captain in this fascinating journey.

You're standing at the gateway of a new reality, a new way of being.


This Mastercourse is the key 

to unlock that Door, unfolding in front of you the other dimensions of existence that, Highest vibrational frequency  Dimensions, that resonate with love, wisdom, abundance, total balance and cosmic harmony.

It's not just about changing your life...



It's about changing your current Reality  and the World around... 


Are you ready for that?


You can participate weekly online on Zoom, 

or purchase a replay to do it on your leisure time. 


The healing Energy Travels through Dimensions and has NO TIME & SPACE

And you will feel it during at least 2 more weeks regardless if it's done with a group or alone .


Are you ready to fully Step into a  Quantum YOU?

Finally embark on the adventure of lifetimes, ascend, awaken, and align to the radiant Quantum Self,

the Be-ING of LIGHT you actually ARE?


In this powerful Mastercourse with a channeled valuable resources,

you will discover a new simple tools ,

and learn how to apply the Universal Laws that are the foundation of, joyful life, 

And finally live your Dreams.


The old ways to live, or the modalities we used to use before- won’t work!

In the process of Transformation, there is some new life that we are stepping into

and this course will help you to remember your abilities and secure the new tools available to you

to navigate the world of changes …

You will inevitably untangle from your past beliefs and ideas that are holding you back.

Receive help to let go of the past and create an amazing, magical, and jOyful new future as a REAL mystic ,

and the Sovern creator of your own life.

Join us at this LIFE CHANGING Quantum YOU  program! 


About the course: 

A Transformational Healing
Quantum YOU program 

- Master the power within to discover and enhance your inner guru
and untangle from past experiences and past traumas  for good!

Personal Messages and insights 
- Each Week you will receive PERSONAL CHANNELED messages with Spiritual Guidance on your next steps and path


1 on 1 Private Session
- You will receive 1 private FREE ENERGY CHECK, AURA alignment,
AND COACHING SESSION which must be taken during the NEXT month growth period 


- When there are 2 or more people in one place with the same goal in mind, energy levels can increase and power can multiply! Benefit from the presence of group healing during our weekly meetings! 

We are meeting weekly
- There will be 135-minute weekly classes from 7:30 - 9:45PM EST
EVERY WEDNESDAY (if you miss the class you will be sent the recording) 

Mariah B.

Crystal's Creative Academy Courses are phenomenal! I have learned so much about myself and my spiritual abilities! I feel at the end of the course I was given the power to take back my life and health!

Sarah K.

Through the Soul Creative Academy, I was able to find the root cause to my anxiety and eating disorder and heal it all together! So Thankful for these courses!

Kyle R.

I was skeptical at first, but after working in the group settings, I discovered things that were holding me back and insecurites I was not even aware of! The personal development and growth in these courses is AMAZING and powerful.

The power is in YOUR hands! Join Crystal and the NEW profound "Quantun YOU" MasterCourse to FINALLY start using and applying your powers!

Are you looking for a valuable tools to navigate this new world reality,while also awakening /remembering your innate powerful spiritual healing abilities and gifts? If so - this is the course for you! 

This new "Quantum YOU" Mastercourse is very unique and fun!



🎁Breakout rooms practice

🎁Ancient sacred  Energy practices

🎁New Healing Master Attunement

🎁NEW secret Signature Mystic Tool activation

🎁Laws of the Universe Re-Entering

🎁Kundalini and breath practice

🎁New 5D Chakras Activation & Development


🎁NEW Quantum crystalline light body activation

 🎁Time and Time Lines Mastering 

​ 🎁New Quantum Human Transition Symptoms

 🎁NEW CHAKRAS alignment

Dive in to Esoteric knowledge, secret ancient Monks techniques, Connect & work together with like-minded people from all over the world, awaken your Kundalini energy, fortify your immunity to all kinds of negativity, illnesses, bad luck, rise your vibrations, heal and empower yourself & others.

Classes will take place EVERY WEEK on Wednesdays from 7:30 - 9:45 PM EST


What makes this program SO UNIQUE :

Crystal a Founder & CEO OF Soul Creative Academy, she put together most unique Ancient and modern knowledge, profound channeling & psychic teachings , Energy work ,kundalini and breath practice that unifies the physical and the spiritual bodies to awaken your full potential.

It gives you the experience and knowledge that will open you up to your inner wisdom and reconnect you with your Higher Self and the DIVINE.​

you WILL receive :


Joining our SCA  EXCLUSIVE esoteric studies and  our weekly Gatherings

To focus on, and realize what kind of REALITY you are creating,


WHAT( OR WHOM) you are giving your Energy to? 

It’s time to take your energy and Powers back! 

With open hearts and amplified strength, we'll dive into Zero Point to unveil the core Truth of your Divine Self.

⚡Learn about yourself as an energy being,

⚡your own energy hygiene, purification, protection

⚡learn about Laws of the Universe and how to use its powers

⚡ Learn to work with energies, frequencies and sounds

.⚡ Receive weekly personal guidance and channeled personal messages

🌟one on one private session is included at the end of the course.

⚡Explore the Power of your Consciousness and Subconsciousness,

⚡connect with your Healing master and Healing Surgeon for Empowerment

🌟Awaken & enhance your innate gifts and talents, including psychic gifts and abilities and become most empowered and successful Quantum YOU in every area of your life!

⚡Discover how your consciousness interacts with the Quantum levels of existence, influencing the energy-wave states to create your desired outcomes in a relationships, personal achievements, situations, and life around.

😉Dissolve the Illusion of Time and Distance: Time and distance are not as fixed and linear as they seem. In quantum consciousness, everything is happening simultaneously.

⚡Learn how to run Energy, properly ground yourself and work with your Aura

⚡ Explore mind-bending phenomena and understand how you can change the past through the power of conscious observation.



There are actually simple, foundational solutions we could begin to IMPLEMENT RIGHT NOW  that have the capacity to change everything for the better.


learn about bringing your thoughts, words, and deeds into alignment with the flow of the Universe and for the benefit of all Life, as well as setting more powerful and effective intentions to achieve your goals and have an immediate positive impact on others and the world around you…frequencies expanding your capacity to unfold with it

Accelerate your DNA activation

Connect to 5th-12th density frequency

Attune to the Quantum version of YOU

includes 1 on 1 PRIVATE SESSION and one group healing session ALL FOR THE PRICE OF ONE
Regular price : $1,165


The prices are CHANGING FAST! BUY NOW!
If you bring a NEW person to join our Academy you will BOTH receive a special extra 15% discount.

Transitioning into a new higher frequency life,

your best possible Reality, and best possible YOU !


We are Unlocking the Matrix, and practicing the life-changing tools.


It's time to activate a new way of BEing!



Stepping out of the 3D world , and finding a community of like-minded individuals and information that resonates deep within your Soul, can be difficult That’s why I am here to help guide you so you can finally become the Master of your own reality! I have created this course for Lightworkers who need support stepping out of their old life and are ready to be guided into a new one! Now is the time to step out of the ordinary and start experiencing life to the fullest!!

Are you ready?


When you look at how you navigate life, do you feel empowerment and joy, or do you find yourself stumbling around feeling stuck, frustrated, or even numb?


We are all entitled to sovereignty, the ability to self-govern; so why then is it that so many of us outsource our fulfillment to other people or circumstances? What will your Soul explore and learn?


If you are dedicated to opening your heart, mind, & consciousness, this Mastercourse will fully support your Ascension process.


Crystal facilitates modern Mastery of Ascension, Self-Revelation, and the experience of your True Self as Divine Presence.


Now is the time to remember WHO you truly ARE ... a powerful, magnificent Being of Light with unlimited potentials!

A word from Crystal: 

Get the tools, the power, and the courage to move on from where you are and advance into your future!

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**PAYMENT OPTIONS: If you'd like to book with Crytal directly please call or email her at There will also be other payment forms she will take such as Venmo, Cash, Zelle, Cashapp, and Paypal **


No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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